The course includes information on Email Marketing, Paid Awareness, Low Cost Advertising Channels, Lead Driving Opportunities, Search Engine Optimization, and the Lead Handling Process, along with the exact steps needed to implement each element. With 47 videos and a corresponding step-by-step guide, the Used Car Marketing Blueprint is the strategy you’ve been looking for.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Get Started
    • Download Step-By-Step Guide
    • Overview
  • 2
    Clean Your House (Part 1)
    • #01: Used Car Shoppers Mindset
    • #02: Common Lead Form Mistakes
    • #03: Contact Us Page Design
    • #04: Auto Responders
    • #05: Thank You Page Design
    • #06: Lost Phone Call Opportunities
    • #07: Text Message Strategy
    • #08: How To Display VDP Pricing
    • #09: Should You Use Pricing Tools?
    • #10: Visual Marketing Tactics – Photography
    • #11: Visual Marketing Tactics – Videos
    • #12: Cross Shopping Strategies
    • #13: Competing With 3rd Party Listing Sites
    • #14: Call to Action Must Haves
    • #15: Friends and Family Campaign
    • #16: Is Chat Hurting You
    • #17: What You Want Panels To Say
    • #18: The Secret Specials Page
    • #19: Making Your Website into a Mobile App
    • #20: Clean Your House FAQ's
  • 3
    Invite Your Neighbors (Part 2)
    • #21: Email Marketing Facts
    • #22: What to Say
    • #23: How to Say It
    • #24: How to Get Through Spam
    • #25: How To Measure Success
    • #26: Advanced Email Strategies
    • #27: Master Email Strategies
    • #28: Conquesting Other Dealers
    • #29: Creating Paid Awareness
    • #30: Proper Site Retargeting Tactics
    • #31: Dynamic Retargeting Must-Dos
    • #32: Don't Make These Facebook Retargeting Mistakes
    • #33: 10X Facebook Carousel
    • #34: Stalking Shoppers In Gmail
    • #35: Nearly Free Awareness
    • #36: Facebook Live Tips, Tricks and Hacks
    • #37: YouTube Is Not What You Think
    • #38: Creating Demand and Popularity Resources
    • #39: Services Customers Love You
    • #40: Driving Leads For Pennies On The Dollar
    • #41: Paid Search Made Easy
    • #42: VIN Special Advertising DIY
    • #43: Steal Other Dealers Leads in Gmail
    • #44: SEO Secrets Vendors Won't Tell You-
    • #45: Lead Handling Process
    • #46: The Ideal Paid Plan Model
    • #47: Conclusion

Who is the Used Car Marketing Blueprint for?

  • General Managers
  • Used Car Managers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Anyone Wanting To Sell More Used Cars!

The process is simple. Sign up for the Used Car Marketing Blueprint and receive access to the videos and step-by-step guide. Complete each video sequentially and follow the steps provided to implement the used car sales strategy. By the end of the course you’ll be armed with everything you need to start selling more used cars!

What's included?

48 Videos          1 PDF               6.0        


  • Paul Potratz

    Paul Potratz


    Growing up, Paul Potratz spent time at his father’s dealership watching him struggle between selling new and used cars. Now, after spending over 20 years developing used car sales strategies, Paul has put together a comprehensive course designed to help those who are looking to sell more used vehicles. Paul has seen great success with this multi-channel strategy, implementing it for his own clients at his advertising agency, Potratz Advertising. Don’t spend any more time or money exhausting different avenues that don’t show results, get the Used Car Marketing Blueprint today.

Get the Strategy you’ve been looking for!

With 47 videos and a corresponding step-by-step guide, the Used Car Marketing Blueprint is the strategy you’ve been looking for.

What others have been saying about this course:

“ Impacted My Business in a Good Way This course has been an amazing resource for myself and my employees - She packed a lot of facts and useful information about millennials. I feel like they don’t know how to come to work and work. I realize I was missing a big piece of the why. This little tweak has made a big impact on our success. ”

Alex CastilloAlex Castillo